PureView From Above

Photographing the Earth
from the stratosphere

Promotional Product Video
Software Design
Photography & Production
Studio: Kin
Film & Art Direction: DesignStudio


Kin were asked by Nokia to photograph the earth using the highest resolution cameraphone in existence at the time – the 808 Pureview. We decided to travel to the volcanic country of Iceland to send the phone 34km into the sky. 

I was assigned the task of designing and making the 'space' craft, planning the expedition, finding a local production team, designing the camera software to take photos at regular intervals during the flight, testing all the equipment, doing the calculations and executing the launch. Fortunately there were a lot of online resources such as the UKHAS Wiki to help.

Our balloon was carried almost 400km, the entire length of the country and landed in the sea. A fisherman was able to pick up the box using the GPS coordinates and return it to the harbour.

It then made it's way back to Reykjavik via road, meeting us in the early hours of the morning in the back of a lorry full of fish.